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Jordan Anderson
V.P. of Sales and Account Management
605-322-4500 Oversees Sales and Service for all self-funded, fully insured group, individual and ancillary products
Shellie Reitzel
Director of Sales
605-322-4769 Overall Sales - Employer Group, Individual and Medicare Supplement Insurance
Aurora Aasheim
Agency Sales Coordinator
605-504-5500 Quoting, commission, agent assignment, agent appointment, agent servicing individuals
Janice Lewis
Sales Associate
605-322-4527 Individual sales with Marketplace and direct enrollments
David Johnson
Manager - Sales, DAS
605-504-3229 DAS Large Group Sales Manager

Trixy Burgess
Director of Service Integration

605-322-4384 Retention - Facilitates the integration of sales, operations and service functions for existing clients.
Tara Stombaugh
Client Relationship Executive

605-322-4563 Large group servicing and renewals.
Tony Buchholz
Client Relationship Executive

605-322-4683 Small employer group servicing and renewals.
Kathy Oberbroekling
Client Relationship Executive

605-322-4582 Consumer Solutions - Servicing consumer solution customers and their agents including Individual and Medicare products.

Christa Lien
Client Relationship Executive

605-490-8201 West river large and small employer group servicing and renewals.
Amanda Taggart
Client Relationship Executive
605-322-4822 Self-funded employer group servicing and renewals.
Melissa Mason
Sales and Servicing Specialist
605-322-4559 Assists Client Relationship Executives with employer renewals and needs.

Morgan Douthit
Well-being Specialist

605-322-4789 Employer Wellness, bio-metric testing, smoking cessation, etc.
Elizabeth Slack
FSA/HSA Benefits Manager
605-322-4542 Employer set up. Substantiation.
Jason Bortnem
Manager - Business Development
605-504-2123 Business Development of Group and Ancillary Products