Published on October 04, 2021

Know Your Health Benefits for Great ROI

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Everyone wants to stay healthy, right? We eat the right foods, exercise, work on our overall self-care, but did you know your health insurance provider also wants you to stay as healthy as possible?

Once you’ve chosen your health insurance plan, the best way to get a return on investment with your plan, and to lessen confusion, is to learn about the other benefits it provides.

“Insurance can be a confusing product in general, for almost anyone,” said Katie Studer, Director of Customer Experience with Avera Health Plans. “Reviewing your plan and understanding it fully can save you money.”

Understanding Health Plan Incentives

It’s probably common knowledge that your health plan covers preventive screenings like yearly checkups, routing mammograms if you’re over 40, immunizations and more. But did you know that your health plan might also provide access to virtual care, coordinated care and other free benefits like well-being programs, online portals, and other incentives? For example, most plans will charge a lower co-pay for generic medications, which saves you money.

Through Avera Health Plans, you also gain access to:

  • Health news feeds and blogs
  • Action plans
    • Choose a self-directed action plan that helps you reach your current health goals. Topics range from lifestyle behavior to the prevention and management of chronic conditions.
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Avera Health information library

Your health insurance provider can help you with how to approach their coverage in a proactive fashion. Learn seven health insurance tips that can save you money.

What Is Population Health?

Addressing potential health issues in a timely fashion is part of an approach called population health management, Studer said. It’s an approach that highlights prevention, quality, and the importance of seamless integration between different areas within the health care system.

And population health is an extension of Avera’s mission and culture of being patient centered. We cover all facets of population health management, which includes:

  • Member advocates
  • Health coaches
  • Customer care team

Integrated health systems like Avera allow these preventive benefits to pay off due to the fact every aspect of care can be brought together. Exams and screenings can catch an illness or condition at its onset; the care provider can then refer a member to a specialist if concerns are identified.

Is Everyone Covered on Your Health Plan?

Finally, make sure everyone is covered. You might have dependents who live outside your network coverage area, for example, college students. Your customer care team can answer questions about extended-network coverage for dependents.

Knowing more will save money, and ensure those dependents receive the care they need.

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