Published on November 29, 2022

Make December the New January

finger on word block switching January to December

While searching the Internet for inspiration, I came across an image that said December is the New January. It caught me off guard but I instantly thought, brilliant!

December is notorious for the hustle and bustle of the holidays, food indulgences, spending too much money and constant social obligations.

How do you approach the last month of the year? Do you say, “Oh well” and give in as you might have in the past as if you have no control over the 31 days? If so, maybe this is the year you say, “I’ve got this” and you plan for a December of success, control and moderation.

Who doesn’t want to start 2023 with their best foot forward? Don’t wait for January to set resolutions – plan now and start in December.

To-Dos for December

What can be accomplished during one of the busiest months of the year? A lot – here are some examples:

Finances – Save money

  • Set a Christmas budget and follow it

Nutrition – Fuel your body

  • Set a daily calorie goal and stick to it; eliminate soda or alcohol

Stress management – Feel empowered

  • Read a book, meditate daily or establish and follow a healthy sleeping routine

Exercise – Improve fitness

  • Start a weightlifting routine or walk an additional mile six days a week (this will equal approximately the distance of a marathon)

Hobby – Increase happiness

  • Learn the basics on the piano or start learning a foreign language

Self-Care – Feel in control

  • Floss every day, schedule your yearly checkup, say no if needed

Although it can vary, it takes 66 days to form a new habit. Use the examples above to think about what you will commit to.

Write Goals Down

Once you have it thought out be sure to write your goal(s) down, for example:

Specific goal

  • I will lose five pounds in December

Goal details such as a start date and steps to success

  • I will start Dec. 1
  • I will plan a weekly menu each Sunday beginning Nov. 27
  • I will enjoy 1,500 calories daily (on average) and weigh each morning

Goal timeline

  • I will commit to this for December and update my goal(s) Jan. 1

By Morgan Douthit, Well-being Specialist, LiveNOW Well-Being Team

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