Value-Added Services

Avera Health Plans offers a variety of value-added services to compliment the benefits that group plans provide. Depending on the group plan selected, value-added services may differ.

Doctor on phone held in hand iconAveraNow

Employers can offer their employees 24/7 access to AveraNow virtual provider visits for urgent care. AveraNow visits are available at no charge and are covered 100% for fully insured groups.

Heartbeat LineLife Insurance

The plan subscriber receives a $15,000 life insurance policy. Available to South Dakota ACA small group plans only.

GreatLIFE LogoGreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Club

Members may be eligible to receive discounts or memberships to GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Club locations in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Additional membership and buy-up opportunities available. Available to South Dakota ACA small group plans only.

Clipboard Plus IconValuePlus

Avera Health Plans ValuePlus program provides discounts to members on services including:

  • Quality eye care with Vision Service Plan (VSP) or EyeMed Vision Care
  • Travel assistance and emergency evacuation services through Travel Guard

Available to South Dakota ACA small group plans only.

Handshake IconPopulation Health Services

Population Health Services offers a comprehensive umbrella of engagement opportunities and resources for employers and employees to experience holistic health care. We'll provide members opportunities to improve their long-term well-being while allowing employers to proactively manage health care costs and better pinpoint the current and potential care needs of employees.

Bundled services are available in a range of low-, medium- and high-priced packages depending on your needs and budget. Customizable options are available.

Services include:

  • LiveNOW employee well-being program
    • Mobile and online health and wellness services
    • Health coaching
  • Personal Health Services
    • Care management
    • Pharmacy and medication adherence solutions
    • Quality and data reporting
    • Member health advocates and care teams

COBRA Services

All group businesses receive COBRA services at no additional fee. Avera Health Plans meets the COBRA Compliance Requirements and employs a full-time certified COBRA administrator who can answer all your COBRA-related questions.