Value-Added Services

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Avera Health Plans offers a variety of value-added services to compliment the benefits that group plans provide. Depending on the group plan selected, value-added services may differ.

Computer IconAvera Health Plans Virtual Visits

Employers can offer their employees 24/7 access to Avera Health Plans Virtual Visits provider visits for urgent care. Avera Health Plans Virtual Visits are available at no charge* and are covered 100% for fully insured groups.

Heartbeat LineLife Insurance

The plan subscriber receives a $15,000 life insurance policy. Available to South Dakota and Iowa ACA small group plans only. Additional life insurance options are available for purchase to all qualified groups.

Fitness LogoFitness Membership

Members may be eligible to receive discounts or memberships to fitness facilities in South Dakota.

Mental Health IconEAP

Avera Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional at no cost for employees, spouses and eligible dependents. EAP can help with issues such as parenting, marital counseling, balancing work and home life, depression, anxiety, grief and more.

  • The three-visit EAP benefit is included with all South Dakota ACA small group plans. All group employees and their family members each have access to a total of three EAP visits every year at no cost. These visits are available even if the employee opts not to enroll in coverage from Avera Health Plans.
  • All groups have the option to expand access with the purchase of a 5-visit benefit option. The 5-visit benefit is available to the subscriber, spouses and eligible dependents.

Globe IconPopulation Health Services

Population Health Services offers a comprehensive umbrella of engagement opportunities and resources for employers and employees to experience holistic health care. We'll provide members opportunities to improve their long-term well-being while allowing employers to proactively manage health care costs and better pinpoint the current and potential care needs of employees.

Services available include:

  • LiveNOW employee well-being program
    • Group-specific well-being portal
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • On-site screenings or virtually delivered screenings
    • Health coaching by referral
  • Personal Health Services
    • Nurse case management
    • Pharmacy and medication adherence solutions
    • Quality and data reporting
    • Member health advocates

Puzzle IconCOBRA Services

All group businesses will receive COBRA administration services at no additional fee, if elected. The services provided are compliant with the COBRA/Continuation of Coverage administration requirements.

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To learn more about our value-added services or to get a quote, contact your local agent or fill out this online form.

*For most members. Some limitations apply. NOTE: IRS guidelines indicate that members with HSA-eligible plans may be subject to tax penalties if they use the free virtual visits. If you have an HSA-eligible plan, you may use your HSA or Flex spending dollars for this service.