Reduced Monthly Premiums

Check the chart to find out if your income falls within a range where you may qualify for assistance to reduce your monthly health insurance premiums. The amount you may save depends on your family size and how much money your family earns. The lower your income within a range, the more you save.

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Tax Credits & Other Assistance

You can apply tax credits to help reduce your monthly premium on any "metal" plan (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Only Silver plans offer tax credits to help with both your monthly premium AND assistance to reduce costs for health care co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

If you're an American Indian or Native Alaskan, you may be eligible for additional assistance.

Next Steps Coverage Savings Calculator

To help you estimate if you will qualify for potential tax credits, visit and utilize the income and household calculator to help see if your income is in the range to save.

Income and Household Calculator