Identify the Best Health Insurance Plan

You now have more opportunities than ever to apply for coverage due to updates with the Affordable Care Act. Anyone can apply for health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace during the annual open enrollment period.

At any time, you may also qualify for a special enrollment period if you experience a qualifying life event.

Tips to Find the Best Health Plan for You

Before you apply, check out these tips on how to find the best health plan for you:

1. Look beyond the premium payment.

Find a monthly premium that works with your budget, but also review and compare the co-pays, coinsurance, deductible and out-of-pocket maximums to see how the overall plan will impact your budget. These benefits will make a difference when it comes to seeing your doctor.

2. Understand how much you'll pay for a doctor visit.

A co-pay is a fixed amount you pay when you receive a service. Coinsurance is a percentage of the costs for services you'll pay. You'll pay the full amount for the visit with an HSA-compatible plan until the out-of-pocket maximum is reached. Remember, most preventive services are covered 100 percent with an Avera Health Plan.

3. Identify a deductible and out-of-pocket maximum you can afford if something happens to you or a dependent.

The deductible is the amount you pay for covered health care services before your health insurance or plan begins to pay. Your out-of-pocket costs include expenses for services that are not reimbursed by insurance such as deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance.

4. Choose a plan with an expansive network of providers and specialists.

With Avera's team of health care providers and health insurance working together, you'll pay less because we'll identify the best pricing to reimburse you for health care services and procedures. You may get a better monthly premium with another health insurance carrier, but if they don’t have a wide network of providers who understand the benefits of working together to provide you a better network, you'll pay more.

5. Avoid a penalty for not having health insurance.

The penalty for not having health insurance is based on your income. You'll pay either a flat rate of $645 per person or 2.5 percent of your household income — whichever is greater.

Our staff at Avera Health Plans is educated on the latest updates regarding the Affordable Care Act, so you can trust us to help you select the best plan.

Contact us at or 1-855-692-8372 for more information, answers to your questions and a free quote!

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