Our Provider Network

Female Provider meeting with Patient

Because we have great provider relations that includes South Dakota's largest health care system Avera Health; our network also includes Regional Health system and more. You will benefit from our connections with low premiums and affordable benefits.

Our goal is to contract with providers that will ensure all members will receive quality service no matter where they live. Not only does Avera do health care right, our trained and experienced staff are up-to-date on the Affordable Care Act and do health insurance right!

Extended coverage is also available outside our service area for members and or dependent(s) who reside elsewhere (for example, child going to college or employer has employees working in another state).

Our provider directory includes:

  • 92+ hospitals
  • 4,300+ physicians and licensed practitioners
  • 700+ physicians providing primary care services

You can find your network website and phone number to access your provider directory on the back of your member ID card.

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