What is an In-Network Provider?

To help manage health care costs, our in-network providers offer discounts on services and medical procedures.

When you receive medical care from physicians, hospitals and other health care providers participating in the Avera Health Plans network, they are considered in-network providers and you receive in-network benefits and save money. Our provider directory includes 2,000 primary care physicians and over 4,300 specialists/other health care providers available in your region.

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Out-of-Network Providers

Out-of-network providers are physicians, hospitals and health care providers who do not participate in the Avera Health Plans network.

IMPORTANT: You always have the option to use any provider. If you receive medical care from an out-of-network provider, you receive out-of-network benefits and will pay more for those services. This balance will not go toward your in-network deductible and therefore, you will pay more overall throughout the year.