Contracting & Credentialing

Contracting and credentialing is the process of becoming an in-network provider with Avera Health Plans. Learn how things work and how you can become a provider we cover.


The contract outlines the conditions and terms of the agreement, and it’s important for providers to understand their obligations under the contract as well as the obligations we will meet.


Credentialing is the process in which we verify a provider’s credentials and to ensure that they meet the standards we have set forth, including licensure, certification and professional liability insurance.

Common Situations

  • You are a health care clinic or practice seeking to join the Avera Health Plans network.
  • Your clinic or practice has recently added new providers and you need to add them to the contract and obtain credentialing.
    • If you’re a provider joining an existing clinic or practice that’s already in our network, your clinic management will likely oversee contracting and credentialing for you.
  • You are an independent or self-employed practitioner and wish to join the Avera Health Plans network.
  • You’ve joined a clinic or practice that is under contract with Avera Health Plans and you need to be credentialed to be a participating provider.

Learn more in the Avera Health Plans Credentialing Plan (pdf).

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