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See a Provider 24/7 with AveraNow

Avera Health Plans members can take advantage of access to an Avera provider 24/7 through AveraNow virtual video visits.

You'll have the opportunity to talk with a provider when you need it most through this members-only perk. You may benefit from an AveraNow visit if:

  • It's the middle of the night and you want fast relief, but your need isn't urgent enough to require an emergency room visit
  • You don't have time to make or wait for a clinic appointment
  • You're unsure whether or not your illness or injury can be treated via video visit or if you need to go to an urgent care or emergency room

How to Take Advantage of Your Free Visit

AveraNow visits are included in the cost of your premium* and is available in every state to treat you where you are. In order to identify if you qualify for a visit at no charge, look at your Avera Health Plans member group number. If your group number starts with SD, IA or NE, you qualify for a free virtual visit. You can find your coupon code on your member ID card or by logging in to the member portal.

If your group number does NOT start with SD, IA or NE, you do not qualify for a free virtual visit with AveraNow. However, AveraNow is still available to you for $69 per visit. It doesn't require health insurance. You can use your flexible spending account VISA card to pay for the visit.

In order to take advantage of AveraNow visits for no charge, be aware of the following:

  • AveraNow app - download on iTunes or Google Play
  • Coupon code - qualified members can find the code on their member ID card or by logging into the member portal and clicking on the Benefits tab. Be sure to save your coupon code for future reference. It will be required each time you use AveraNow.
  • Member and group numbers - have your member ID card ready
  • In order to receive an AveraNow visit, you must be at least 2 years of age
  • This offer does not apply to in-person AveraNow urgent care facilities

*Disclaimers and/or Qualifications

For most members. Some limitations do apply.

NOTE: IRS Guidelines indicate that members with HSA-eligible plans may be subject to tax penalties if they use the free AveraNow service. If you have an HSA eligible plan, you may use your HSA or Flex spending dollars for this service.