MyHealthPlan Mobile App

With the MyHealthPlan mobile app, you'll have our most popular online features at your fingertips. Check a claim. View your virtual member ID card. Find a provider. Access your eligibility information. Make a monthly premium payment or simply ask a question. And it's FREE to you as an Avera Health Plans member!

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does the mobile app offer?

The MyHealthPlan app allows you to connect with your benefits when you're on the go. After you download the app and login to your account, your personalized member information will only be seconds away.

  • Look up a drug your doctor prescribes to find out if it'll have a co-pay or if it's covered at all.
  • Check your year-to-date, deductible balance to find out how much you've paid out of pocket.
  • Make a monthly premium payment.
  • View your virtual member ID card.
  • Access your eligibility information.
  • Find an in-network provider.
  • Check a claim status.
  • Send a question to your health insurance provider.

Can I pay my monthly premium with the mobile app?

Yes. One-time online premium payments from your checking account can now be made through the MyHealthPlan mobile app.

How to make a monthly premium payment via MyHealthPlan:

  1. Enter your username and password (same information as your member portal login), scroll down and select “Online Payment.”
  2. Select “Send a New Message.”
  3. Scroll down and enter the required information in the form.
  4. After entering the authorized amount, scroll down and select “Submit” to process your payment.

What if I cannot login to the app?

Check your member ID card to make sure you entered your information correctly. Your name, exactly as it appears on the member ID card, is how you need to enter it when registering your username and password.

If all information is correct and you still cannot login, please contact us at or 1-888-322-2115. We can reset your password and help you get logged in.

What if I forgot my username?

Your mobile app and Avera Health Plans website username and password are the same. If you forget your username or password, use the “Forgot Username or Password?” link below the Login button.


I am the health plan subscriber. Can I see my dependents' claims?

In accordance with HIPAA privacy rules, the subscriber can see the claims and eligibility of dependents under the age of 18. Health information pertaining to the subscriber’s spouse or dependents age 18 and older cannot be viewed without their written consent. Complete this form to receive access to your dependents' health information with their permission.

Who can send me messages through the app?

When you submit a question, you'll receive a response from one of our Service Center representatives. They'll confide with our pharmacy manager, chief medical officer or other trained staff to make sure you receive the answers you need to maximize your benefits.

Are messages sent over the app secure?

Yes. Messages sent and received over the app are secure.

Can I pay my claims through the app?

No. We provide you an explanation of benefits for every claim processed. You must pay your claim directly to the provider when you receive the invoice from the provider.

However, you can pay for your monthly premium through the app.

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