Save up to 30% on Small Business Health Insurance

Avera Health Plans could save your business up to 30% on health insurance costs without compromising your benefits. Our quality Customer Care Team handles the details of your plan while our comprehensive benefits can help employees reach their health goals.

Why You Should Consider Avera

  • You may be eligible for small business health insurance even if you’re a two-person operation
  • You can enroll any time and we make switching plans easy
  • Your network includes health systems and providers in all areas of the state, including Monument Health
  • You're covered by Avera quality services with access to:
    • Our extensive network with hundreds of providers and specialists in South Dakota
    • Nationally accredited cancer specialists and research program
    • 24/7 support for questions about cancer treatment and side effects
    • The region's largest orthopedic physician team
    • A level IIIB NICU in Sioux Falls and 16 birthing locations throughout South Dakota

Additional Value-Added Services for Your Employees

  • Free 24/7 Avera Health Plans Virtual Visits for most plans**
  • Employee Assistance Program available at no cost*
  • Opportunity to offer additional ancillary products to employees (dental, vision)
  • LiveNOW well-being technology
  • Discounts at select fitness centers
  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts

*For most members. Some limitations apply. NOTE: IRS guidelines indicate that members with HSA-eligible plans may be subject to tax penalties if they use the free virtual visits. If you have an HSA-eligible plan, you may use your HSA or Flex spending dollars for this service.

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Save up to 30% on your business’ health insurance costs.

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Employer Coverage with Avera

  1. Emergency Visit
    Emergency room visits are available to members no matter which emergency room you visit if your situation is unexpected and medically necessary.
  2. Second opinions
    We offer an extensive network if there are no in-network experts for the specialty you need. Coverage when you need it where you need it.
  3. Working out-of-state
    If you have employees who live outside the Avera network, Avera Health Plans can extend their network - no matter where they live. Make sure to ask your agent how this works.
  4. College out-of-state
    Your college-age dependents are covered even if they study out-of-state.
  5. Avera Medical Group
    Our plans include a wide network of highly skilled specialties with the largest health care system in South Dakota.
  6. Coverage beyond Avera
    Avera Health Plans' provider network includes many independent providers and clinics, including Monument Health and Brown Clinic in Watertown. Search our provider directory to see if your provider is considered in-network.

The Avera Difference

  • Avera Health Plans offers fully insured members 24/7 online access with providers through the AveraNow mobile app ($69 value).
  • No surprises. Our outstanding retention rate is reflected with consistent pricing year-to-year and flexible plan options.

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