Small Business Health Insurance

Are you looking for small group employer coverage? We offer health insurance to South Dakota and Iowa businesses with 2-50 employees. Browse our plans and reach out to our trusted local agents, who understand the needs of small businesses like yours.

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Small Group Plans

Your employees are a critical asset to keep operations running. Get details on our small group plans in South Dakota and Iowa.

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Robust Provider Network

When you partner with Avera Health Plans, you can offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance coverage with our robust network of providers and health care facilities.

Additional Coverage

As you an employer, you choose from optional additional coverage – from additional vision insurance to short- and long-term disability and much more.

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Narrow Network Health Plans

A narrow network plan doesn’t mean narrow coverage. Your employees get well-rounded benefits, a large network of specialty providers and low-cost premiums. If you are an employer who resides in Brown, Lincoln or Minnehaha county, an Avera Direct plan could be available to you.

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Value-Added Services

Avera Health Plans offers a variety of value-added services to complement the benefits that group plans provide. Depending on the group plan selected, value-added services may differ.

Value-Added Services for All ACA Small Group Business

Your employees receive several value-added services. For example, South Dakota ACA small group members receive the following value-added services:

Virtual Visits

With Avera Health Plans Virtual Visits, employees get free, 24/7 access to online provider visits for urgent care.1 These visits are covered 100% for fully insured groups.

Life Insurance

Your employee plan subscribers receive a $15,000 life insurance policy.2 Additional life insurance options are available for purchase to all qualified groups.

Fitness Memberships

Your employees participating in a health insurance plan may be eligible to receive discounts or memberships to South Dakota fitness facilities.

COBRA Services

All group businesses receive COBRA administration services at no additional fee, if you elect. Services are compliant with COBRA/Continuation of Coverage administration requirements.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Avera Health Plans EAP offers confidential counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional at no cost for employees, spouses and eligible dependents.

  • EAP can help with issues such as parenting, marital counseling, balancing work and home life, depression, anxiety, grief and more.
  • The three-visit EAP benefit is included in all South Dakota and Iowa ACA small group plans. All group employees and their family members each have access to a total of three EAP visits every year at no cost. These visits are available even if the employee opts not to enroll in coverage from Avera Health Plans.
  • All groups have the option to expand access with the purchase of a five-visit benefit option. The five-visit benefit is available to the subscriber, spouses and eligible dependents.

When you offer a health insurance plan that helps them move their health forward, you’re investing in your team’s lives and their productivity for your business.

Well-Being Services

Well-being services connect employees with resources to improve or manage their holistic health. Services encourage long-term wellness through engagement opportunities, personalized health plans and education. Health coaches, nurses and member health advocates help identify a clear path to maintain a lifetime of well-being.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to manage health care costs while pinpointing the current and potential care needs of your staff.

Employees benefit from personalized health services, such as:

  • LiveNOW online portal and app
  • Health risk assessments
  • On-site or virtual screenings
  • Health coaching by referral

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1 For most members. Some limitations apply. NOTE: IRS guidelines indicate that members with HSA-eligible plans may be subject to tax penalties if they use the free virtual visits. If you have an HSA-eligible plan, you may use your HSA or Flex spending dollars for this service. 2 Available to South Dakota and Iowa ACA small group plans only.

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