Online Resources to Manage Your Health Care and Insurance

As a member, you have free access to a variety of online resources to help manage your health care.


AveraChart is your free, secure, easy way to access your health care information, communicate with your care team and become a more active partner in your own health care.


With AveraNow, you can connect with a provider 24/7 via your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You’re too busy to get sick, so we’re making it easy to connect with a provider, no matter the time or location. Best of all, you don’t have to be an established patient with Avera to use this service.

Member Portal

As a member, you'll have access to our confidential and secure portal where you'll find information about your specific health plan and available benefits.

Member access includes:

  • Provider Directory - Search for a doctor or hospital by name, city and state or by a certain specialty.
  • Status of medical claims
  • A summary of your health benefit plan (Depending on your policy, it may be referred to as Certificate of Coverage.)
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • Pharmacy benefits with a complete Drug Formulary and approved lists of medications used for specialty, injectable and step therapy
  • Member Rights and Privacy Information
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with an option to go paperless
  • Personal Health Services Team
  • Additional resources and forms

Employer access includes:

  • Eligibility of members
  • Flexible spending account resources
  • Pharmacy drug formularies and approved lists of medications used for specialty, injectable and step therapy
  • Services available and contact information
  • Rights and Privacy information
  • Additional resources and forms

MyHealthPlan Mobile App

With our MyHealthPlan mobile app, you'll have our most popular online features at your fingertips. After you download the free app on iTunes or Google Play and login to your account, your personalized member information will only be seconds away.

  • Look up a medication your doctor prescribes to find out if it'll have a co-pay or if it's covered at all.
  • Check your year-to-date, deductible balance to find out how much you've paid out-of-pocket.
  • Make a monthly premium payment.
  • View your virtual member ID card.
  • Find a provider.
  • Access your eligibility information.
  • Check a claim.
  • Send a question to your health insurance provider.

Flexible Spending Account App (MyFlexPlan Mobile)*

Our free MyFlexPlan mobile app is a convenient and secure portal that connects you to your flexible spending account. Download on iTunes and Google Play to submit claims and ask about your account status and claim payments.

*Only available through your employer.